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My name is Edwin Langendoen and I am from the beautiful year of 1973. Since my childhood I have admired nature and especially birds. After we moved to Putten as a family, I became more and more attracted to the many types of birds in the forest.


I was allowed to live for a number of years in the beautiful city of Alkmaar. From there, "birding" was combined with photography. First of all, photography was only intended for observation, but it soon turned into bird photography.


After we returned to Putten, I started combining bird photography with nature photography. Almost every week I try to go out to photograph birds or beautifull landscapes.

I can usually be found in the Polder Arkemheen (Putten / Nijkerk).


I also like to travel and luckily you still have birds all over the world. So that makes bird photography a pleasant and beautiful hobby for me.

CONTACT ME       Tel: +316-51 43 32 69

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